Acos Accounting Solutions

Acos Accounting Solutions was created in 2012 as a subsidiary of Monereo Meyer Abogados to offer clients specialized services, mainly in accounts management and assistance with recurring tax obligations, such as payroll, thus enabling them to eliminate fixed structural costs and optimize processes.

We have an intercultural profile and are used to working in international environments. Therefore, in addition to serving our Spanish domestic clients, we also provide special services to the Spanish subsidiaries of foreign companies.

Our clients carry out their activities in multiple sectors, and are, for the most part, SMEs.

The fact that we are a part of Monereo Meyer Abogados offers companies which put their trust in us the possibility of accessing global advice, as a complement to our services, with few interlocutors and with the guarantee of efficiency and professionalism.

ACOS offers accounting services, payroll management
and assistance in tax obligations.



The responsibility of a job well done, follow-up on all processes and on-going learning of tasks.


We anticipate the problems and needs our clients might have. Thanks to our extensive experience, our team – constantly updated – gives the best solution that our client could need.


The peace of mind of our clients is the fundamental pillar of ACOS to maintain our demands for quality we have a civil liability insurance policy available to our clients, to provide coverage in those cases in which they may need it.


For ACOS, confidentiality is a very important subject. Our company undertakes to comply with its obligation to maintain the confidentiality of personal data provided and keep it safe, for the purposes set forth in Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Information.


Each company is different and has different needs. In ACOS ACOS we are up to date in new technologies and we use state-of-the-art systems such as SAP and A3NOM. In addition, we adapt to the various time zones of our clients, we have on-going training with respect to legislative amendments and we speak a total of five languages to communicate with our interlocutors without difficulty.

ACOS is the perfect partner for companies
foreigners with business activities in Spain


In ACOS we have considerable experience in supporting and managing the financial department of companies in sectors as diverse as holdings and finance companies, industrial engineering consultancies, the hospitality/hotel sector, telecommunications, renewable energies, teaching and training, design, architecture, etc.

Thanks to the trajectory of the main members of the ACOS, in both the private banking and auditing sectors, we can take a comprehensive approach to the financial system when advising our clients.

Acos Accounting Solutions